Memory grew up in a tiny town in north Alabama and worked her first job selling eggs to her neighbors in Mooresville. She had two dozen Rhode Island Red Hens and a Plymouth Rock rooster named JFK.   She received her BA from Middlebury College and was a William Hunter Sharp fellow in creative writing at The University of Edinburgh.  She was a Henry Hoyns fellow at the University of Virginia, where she received her MFA and also taught creative and expository writing.  Memory served as a fiction editor for Meridian and has taught extracurricular fiction workshops at the University of Virginia, Harvard College and Ohio State. In addition, she has worked bus carts, retail counters, commercial ovens, deep fryers, mop buckets, blackboards and office desks in Alabama, Vermont, Virginia, Massachusetts, and Ohio.

One thought on “Bio

  1. Dear Memory,

    I’ve stumbled across “The Sugar Bowl” and was very impressed. “The Sugar Bowl” was such a strong piece, I caught myself still thinking about it hours after I’d finished reading. The ability you have as author to so clearly describe the family dynamics is great. Your characters were so well developed in your short story, too. I am deeply impressed by your writing talent.

    My email today is to inquire if you’ve more writing yet to be published? I work as a Publishing Intern for international nonprofit organization Tethered by Letters, and I’d be honored to see more of your work published in one of our quarterly print journals. Your writing should reach a greater audience, one that our literary journal can provide you. Submitting your new fiction to TBL can also mean publishing alongside our celebrity authors, like Isaac Marion, author of Warm Bodies, whose latest short story is currently displayed in one of our most recent journals.

    If you’ve got something in-progress but not quite ready for submission, please know that our members at are welcome to request our free editing services. We would love to help you prepare new fiction for publication.

    Thank you for your time!

    Meghan Miller
    Publishing Intern
    Tethered by Letters

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